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Northeast Colorado Creation Group
Thursday, 7pm  (the night BEFORE the Littleton meeting above)

Calvary University Innovation Center, Fort Morgan, CO

Pikes Peak Creation Fellowship
Saturday, 1pm (the day AFTER the Littleton meeting above)
Please check PPCF website for location

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October meeting is cancelled. We're are working diligently to have a November meeting. Please check back for updates!

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President's Corner

Young-Earth Deniers and “Climate Change” – Part 1

05-03-2020 Hits:826 President's Corner  - avatar Rob Bracken

It always amazes me how vehemently environmentalists will cling to their viewpoint.  In fact, many of them are so certain mankind is destroying the planet that, in believing themselves to be saving the planet, they have thrown off all restraint (Psalm 2:3).  Apparently, they perceive their goal to be lofty; and through some twisted logic, its loftiness provides justification for employing untoward means1 in its realization.

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