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Past Speakers, 2014

March 14th: Dr. Paul A. Nelson (Video) What Ever Happened to Darwin’s Tree of Life? library
February 14th: Mr. Terry Beh Dinosaurs & Modern Science soon
January 10th: Mr. John DeMassa Dinosaurs, Deluge and Degradation soon

Past Speakers, 2013

December 14th: Mr. Louis DeGrave Are Creationists Missing the Big Picture? library
November 8th: Mr. Mike Chapa Standing Firm on a Literal Genesis
October 11th: Mr. Bob Enyart An Overview of Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory library
September 13th: Dr. John Morris An Update on the Flood
August 9th: Mr. Dave Prentice Using the Origins Controversy as a Teaching Tool in Science Education
June 14th: Video Presentation Metamorphosis library
May 8th: Dr. Don Patton Update on Mt Ararat na
April 12th: Mr. Sean Meek Traveling Museum of Creation library
March 8th: Dr. Charles Jackson Junk DNA
February 8th: Mr. Gino Geraci A Crash Course on Biblical Interpretation
January 11th: Mr. Wayne Spencer Rethinking Planetary Science from a Creation Perspective library

Past Speakers, 2012

December 14th: Mr. Louis DeGrave Evolution's Impact library
November 9th: Dr. Jonathan Sarfati Are Miracles Scientific?
October 12: Dr. Edward Boudreaux A New Theory for the Pre-Flood Canopy
September 14th: Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo Originality Throughout the Universe library
July 13th: Mr. Skip Tilton Creation Evangelism: Impacting our Culture
June 8th: CRS Board of Directors Various Topics library
May 11th: Dr. Ed Holroyd A Mature Creation
April 13th: Mr. Fred Williams Evidences of the Bible
March 9th: Mr. Paul Taylor Deconstructing Dawkins
January 13th: Mr. Dave Prentice The Latest on Cavemen

Past Speakers, 2011

December 9th: Mr. Bill Browning Earthquakes in the Bible library
November 11th: Mr. Tommy Lohman Dinosaur Fossils, They Don't Come With Directions
October 14th: Mr. Frank Shirwin The Current Status of Creation Science na
September 9th: Dr. Edward Boudreaux God Created the Earth - A Comprehendible Overview na
August 12th: Dr. Dan Korow We’re Emphatic About the Lymphatic System na
July 8th: Mr. James Nickel Why Mathematics Works
June 10th: Dr. Roger Sanders Baraminology - Understanding the diversity of life in light of God’s Word library
May 13th: Dr. Carl Baugh Hard Questions for Evolutionists
April 8th: Audience Participation Video: God of Wonders (trailer) library
March 11th: Dr. Don Patton Noah's Ark- Possible? And Found? na
February 11th: Pastor Geno Geraci The Case for Revelation
January 14th: Dr. G. Thomas Sharp Darwin and the Decline of the Bible

Past Speakers, 2010

December 10th: Mr. Kevin Swanson Creation, Evolution, and the Genesis of the Christian Home School Movement in America
November 12th: Audience Participation Video: Darwin's Dilemma (part 1 | part 2)
October 8th: Mr. Bill Browning The Light of the World
September 10th: Dr. Raymond Bohlin Natural Limits to Biological Change
August 8th: Mr. Jim Burr The Hubble, The Bible, and the Big Bang
July 7th: Dr. Dan Korow Family Night library
June 11th: Dr. Jerry Bergman Slaughter of the Dissidents
May 14th:
Dr. Steve Austin Talk 1: Mount St. Helens; Talk 2: The Grand Canyon library
April 9th:
Dr. John P. Jackson The Shroud of Turin library
March 12th:
Dr. Ed Holroyd Global Warming: The Other Factors na
February 12th:
Mr. Fred Williams The Best of Creation    
January 8th:
Dr. Edward Boudreaux Human Population Growth Supports Young Earth    

Past Speakers, 2009

November 13th:
Mr. Louis DeGrave Global Warming, Fact or Fiction
October 9th:
Mr. Paul Myrant The Creator and the Bible
September 11th:
Dr. Kevin Anderson Talk 1: A Creationist Perspective of the Human Genome
Talk 2: An Overview of Creation Science
library library
August 14th:
Mr. Russ Miller If the Foundations Be Destroyed
July 10th:
Dr. Robert Eckel Stem Cell Research-An Update na na
June 12th:
Dr. Rob Carter Genetics according to Jesus
May 8th:
Exclusive DVD viewing
and Open Forum
"The Voyage that Shook the World library na
April 10th:
Dr. Jason Lisle Talk 1: The Ultimate Proof of Creation
Talk 2: Evolution and Logical Fallacies
March 13th:
Dr. Edward Boudreaux Chemical Origin of Life - Part 2; Where Does Life Come From?
February 13th:
Dr. Georgia Purdom Talk 1: The Intelligent Design Movement; How Intelligent Is It
Talk 2: Code of Life: DNA, Information, and Mutation
January 9th:
Mr. Bill Jack Creationism and the Threatened Environment

Past Speakers, 2008

We are in the process of adding all the audio & videos for 2008 and earlier, so please check back regularly.

December 12th:
Dr. Terry Mortenson Talk 1: Millions of Years: the Idea's Origin and Impact on the Church
Talk 2: Geological Assumptions, Evidence, and the Age of the Earth
November 14th:
Dr. Edward Boudreaux Abiogenesis - Chemical Origin of Life; Reasonable or Not?    
October 10th:
Mr. Michael Oard Is man the cause of global warming?    
September 12th:
Mr. Brian Catalucci Always be Ready    
August 8th:
Dr.Dale Hudson Drive By Apologetics    
July 11th:
Dr.. Andrew Snelling Talk 1: Radiohalos: Evidence of Accelerated Decay and Catastrophic Geological Processes
Talk 2: Radioisotope Dating of Rocks: Challenging an Icon of Evolutionary Geology
June 13th:
Dr. Vern Peterman Creation, Evolution and Gender    
May 9th:
Mr. Mike Gendron Talk 1: The Death of Discernment
Talk 2: Catholics and Evangelicals: How Different Are We?
April 11th:
Dr. David Menton Talk 1: Lucy, She’s No Lady
Talk 2: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
March 14th:
Dr. Natalie Liesman The Design of Primitive Infant Reflexes to Aid in the Birth Process    
February 8th:
Mr. Carl Kerby Remote Control: The Power of Hollywood on Today’s Culture    
January 11th:
Mr. Bill Jack What is the Best Bias to be Bias By?    

Past Speakers, 2007

December 14th:
Dr. Ed Bulkley The Consequences of Evolution and Psychology to Individuals, the Churches and the Nation    
November 9th:
Dr. Ed Holroyd Cosmology    
October 12th:
Dr. Kurt Wise Talk 1:The Floating Forest
Talk 2:Morphing Moles and Moving Mountains
September 9th:
Dr. Gary Parker Fossil's, an Ice Age and Hypercanes    
August 10th:
Mr. Brian Catalucci
Our Founding Fathers: Were they Christian?    
July 13th:
Mr. Jobe Martin Talk 1: The Scopes Trial and Inherit the Wind
Talk 2: The Incredible Creatures that Exist in the World
June 8th:
Mr. Mike Riddle
Talk 1: Cloning, Stem Cells and the Bible
Talk 2: Astronomy and the Bible
May 11th:
Mr. Pete Fiske
The Power of Creation Evangelism    
April 13th:
Mr. Bill Browning
The Evidence Cries Out for Creation
March 9th:
Mr. Robert Allen
Tackling Atheist Arguments    
February 9th:
Dr. Tommy Mitchell
Talk 1: Suicide and Euthanasia
Talk 2: Jurassic Prank: A Dinosaur Tale
January 12th:
Bill Jack
Strategy: What shall we do?    

Past Speakers, 2006

December 1st:
Dr. Gary Parker Plant Power! Capitalizing on Chaos    
November 10th:
Dr. Bill Lucas 1) The History of the World According to the Bible and Science
2) Derivation of the Force of Gravity from the Universal Electrodynamic Force Law
October 13th:
Dr. Randy Guliuzza The Reproductive System: Fascinating Evidence for Design    
Septermber 8th:
Mr. Ed Johlman Monkey Business: How They Try to Make Man out of a Monkey    
August 11th:
Mr. Brian Catalucci Ancient Inventions of Man    
July 14th:
Dr. Edward Boudreaux Accelerated Radioactive Decay Rates    
June 9th:
Dr. Don Patton The Co-existence of Humans and Dinosaurs    
May 12th:
Dr. Natalie Liesman The Design of Primitive Infant Reflexes to Aid in the Birth Process    
April 7th:
Bill Browning Are the Galapagos Islands a Laboratory for Evolution?    
March 10th:
Dr. Dan Korow
Homeostatic Feedback Mechanisms - A Wonder of Creation    
February 10th:
Dave Prentice
Creation or Evolution - How Can You Know For Sure    
January 13th:
Bill Jack
Creation vs Evolution debate with Robert R. Tiernan    

Past Speakers, 2005

December 9th:
Dr. Gary Parker
The Metabolic Miracle    
November 11th:
Dr. Edward Boudreaux
The Origin of the Chemical Elements from Water    
October 14th:
Michael Oard
The Great Ice Age - Only the Bible Can Explain It    
Sepember 9th:
Dr. Henry Morris III
R.A.T.E. is Relevant    
August 12th:
RMCF Roundtable
Roundtable discussion    
July 8th:
Dr. Vern Peterman
How in heavens did we get here on earth?    
June 10th:
Mr. Brian Catalucci
Aliens & UFOs    
May 13th:
Pastor Gino Geraci What is my purpose in life?    
April 8th:
Mr. Frank Sherwin Talk 1: Mount St. Helens
Talk 2: Human Evolution
March 11th:
Dr Dan Korow What is the Biblical View of Stem Cell Research and Cloning?    
February 11th:
Dr. Jason Lisle 1) Big Problems with The Big Bang
2) Distant Starlight: Not A Problem For A Young Universe
January 14th:
Bill Jack Counterfeit Reality: Only Christians Can Detect True Reality    

Past Speakers, 2001-2004