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The Mission of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship is to develop a network of people who are committed to the education and proclamation of the inerrant word of God and its literal, six consecutive twenty-four hour days of creation (here is our Statement of Belief).

 At RMCF, we:

Hold monthly fellowship meetings that include noted guest speakers on the topic of creation.
Publish a bi-monthly newsletter, featuring articles from RMCF members.
Large Audio & Video archive featuring our past speakers.
Broadcast on the radio - Real Science Friday airs several Fridays a month on the 50,000 watt AM 670.
Provide creation speakers to churches, schools, and  other organizations.
Organize safaris once or twice a year where we enjoy adventure, fellowship, and family fun.
Provide a bookstore at our monthly meeting, and a library to freely rent creation Videos and DVDs.

Evidences for a Young Earth: See youngearth.com

RMCF Latest News:
The APril-May Newsetter, Vol 86, is available online.
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This month's meeting:

Mr. Scott Gillis

Talk: Creation: Impacting the Culture with Genesis
Date: April 11th, 7:00pm
Place: Bethlehem Lutheran Chapel
2100 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood [map]
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Our speaker for the April 11, 2014 meeting will be Scott Gillis from Creation Ministries International, of Atlanta, GA, where he currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. After Scott was converted to Christ at the age of 19, he received a B.A. in Religious Studies from Oregon State University. Scott also served in ministry for over 25 years as a youth pastor, teacher and speaker. His education still left him with doubts regarding the inconsistencies between evolution, science, world history, and a straight-forward reading of the Bible.

Years later, a friend who was a paleontologist demonstrated to him how scientific evidence actually makes more sense when interpreted within the clear context of the Bible's account of history. Once he realized that science and the Bible were not at odds with each other, he experienced a sustained joy as
well as a bold desire to share this life-changing message with others.